Safe and Effective Brake 
and Suspension Services

Keep Up to Date With Your Necessary Brake and Suspension Needs

If you’re ever worried that your vehicle isn't going to stop when you pull up to a red light or stop sign, then it’s time for you to visit Transmission Warehouse for brake repairs. Our ASE-certified team will ensure that you can stop with confidence each time you apply your brakes, and we can absolutely fix any issues that we detect during your FREE initial diagnosis.

In addition to a FREE estimate for the total cost of your repair, we offer affordable brake specials starting at a low price of only $89.99. All of our repair services are designed with your convenience and satisfaction in mind, so we strive to maintain affordability in every possible way. We even offer helpful financing plans so that you can divide up your repair costs into more manageable payments.

We Can Also Cover Any Necessary Suspension Repairs

If you ever get the feeling that your steering wheel is not quite centered, be sure to visit Transmission Warehouse for reliable suspension repair possibilities. If you're hearing unusual noises when your vehicle rides over bumps, it could also be indicative of something wrong with your suspension system. Anytime this is the case, contact our team for options and hear what our mechanics can do for your vehicle.

If problems with your vehicle’s shocks or struts occur, we recommend that you address the issue as quickly as you can to avoid bigger problems. Visit our location anytime if you suspect that your vehicle is in need of shock or strut replacement or if you detect a problem with the overall balance of your automobile.
Visit Our Location or Call 757-233-1678 for Your FREE Transmission Check and Road Test!
Transmission Warehouse offers financing options for all types of credit and quality services at affordable rates. We are proud members of the ASA (Automotive Service Association) and the ATRA (Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association)!
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